What is a virtual equipment?

A virtual equipment is a digital replica of a real equipment. With today’s technology, the variety of equipment that can be represented digitally is unlimited, ranging from internal combustion engines to medical devices.

If you are an equipment manufacturer you probably know how much training can be an issue. Starting from training your product specialist, marketing and sales team, to commercial representatives in different regions, and even customers, training can be hard to develop, and can deeply affect your business if overlooked. You not only have to invest time on training but also assets have to be allocated. In many cases, specialists have to travel long distances and training infrastructures (e.g. equipment, facilities, etc.) have to be prepared.

E-Learning take on most of those problems, but most available commercial authoring tools lack on providing interactive 3D content, which is an important feature for certain types of training, such as maintenance, assembly and disassembly tasks. Nowadays, maintenance tasks usually requires the interaction with a control panel, and that is a feature even harder to find in existing authoring tools.


  • No need to allocate real equipments for training.
  • A system available 24/7 on multiple platforms.
  • Overall cost reduction on training.
  • Enhance the quality of training.

Endless possibilities

  • Integration with e-learning system such as LMSs and LRSs.
  • Use of Virtual Reality technologies.